Why Choose Parmjit

Treatment by a Specialist

Any dentist can practice orthodontics but only those who have usually done 3 years of specialist training are allowed to call themselves a specialist orthodontist. Parmjit is trained to specialist level and is registered with the General Dental Council as a specialist orthodontist. He has also completed additional training to consultant level and has spent some of his time at this level in NHS hospitals. 

High-quality Treatment

Parmjit uses a range of braces for adults and children. His consultant training enables him to treat even the most demanding cases to a high standard. He uses the latest techniques and equipment making sure every patient receives the best treatment possible.

Friendly and Caring Service

You will be looked after by friendly and caring staff who will ensure that each of your visits is a pleasant one.

Convenient Locations

Each clinic is conveniently located and is easy to reach. Free parking is available at some of the practices and all clinics are accessible by public transport.

Convenient Appointments

As well as appointments during office hours, we try to accommodate patients who cannot attend between the normal 9 to 5.

Honest Pricing

The price you will be quoted will include all appliances and visits from the start of treatment to when your braces are removed including your removable retainers. Your quoted price will not change if your treatment takes longer than planned, or if your brace ends up breaking a couple of times and needs repairing. That way, the price you are given at the start of treatment should not change as your treatment progresses. Fixed retainer are usually charged separately at the end of treatment as different patients will need different retention regimes. The cost of these retainers will be made clear to you before treatment begins.  The only exception we make is that if you repeatedly neglect your brace or Invisalign aligners, these will be charged separately.