A metal tie is digging into my cheek/lip/tongue

Metal ties are sometimes used around a bracket (square) that is attached to the tooth. Other times we use modules (elastics) around a bracket.

A metal tie is a very fine wire that is twisted together. It should be tucked in towards the teeth so it does not cause you any discomfort.

Sometimes, hard foods or aggressive cleaning of your teeth may dislodge the metal tie. If this happens, orthodontic wax can sometimes be used to reduce any discomfort. A small pea-sized amount of the wax is rolled between your thumb and index finger until it is soft. It can then be placed on the offending part of the brace. If you do not have any orthodontic wax, use some of the waxy coating of a Babybel cheese. If the wax does not stay on well, use a larger piece or try to dry the area that you want the wax to stick to. Use some kitchen roll or a handkerchief.

To push the tie back to where it should be, take the back end of a pencil, ideally with an incorporated eraser and gently apply pressure to push the tie inwards towards the tooth.

If you are unsure or cannot do this, contact the practice for an earlier appointment.