I have a problem with my headgear

If your headgear does not fit any more, has become distorted or is significantly looser or tighter than when you had it fitted, do not wear the headgear at all. Contact the practice for an earlier appointment. The same applies if you find the headgear keeps coming out at night when you are asleep.

You should always place and remove the headgear in the correct sequence as you have been shown. Never try to pull it out or adjust it yourself. You should also not let others attempt to adjust the headgear.

Headgear should not be worn when you are playing with family or friends or taking part in any sports. Ideally, you should wear headgear when you are at home and unlikely to be taking part in anything active. For example, you can wear it when you are watching television, reading a book or using a computer.

If your headgear comes loose or apart when you are asleep you should always place all components of your headgear outside of the bed.

If part of the headgear goes into the eye, you should contact the orthodontist immediately and if they are not available, you should seek medical help. Even if you think no damage to the eye has been done, you must still contact the orthodontist or seek medical help.