How do I turn the screw in my brace

This page acts as a reminder of how to turn the screw in your brace. Do not turn the screw unless you have previously been shown how to do this by the orthodontist. Almost 99% of screws used are in an upper removable brace. Rarely, they are used in lower removable braces.

Take your removable brace out and look at the non-fitting surface. This is the surface that your tongue can touch when the brace is in your mouth. You should see an arrow embedded in the acrylic. In this case, the arrow is yellow but it can be any colour.

A close up of the arrow is shown. Note, the arrow is pointing downwards. This is the direction in which the screw should be turned. In the middle of the two pieces of acrylic, you can see a metal link with a hole in. The key is inserted into the hole. The hole should be in the same plane as the start of the arrow.

A key is also shown. If you have lost your key, a paperclip can be shaped to act like a key.

The key is inserted into the hole in the metal link in the same plane as the start of the yellow arrow.

The lever is turned in the direction of the yellow arrow until it can turn no more. This key will have travelled 90 degrees. The hole should now be in the same plane as the end of the arrow.

The key is then removed and you should see a new hole appear for the next time that you have to turn the screw. Make sure you support the brace when the screw is being turned.